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Will Home Prices Drop with the Rise in Rates?

The 2021 real estate market was defined by low supply, low mortgage rate and high demand. These factors set home values soaring month after month. Now that the spring market of 2022 is in full swing, the news of rising mortgages rates leaves real estate buyers, sellers and professionals wondering how home prices may be impacted.

In an article published by, industry experts were asked just this question. The predictions varied slightly, but a common theme emerged. According to the reporter, Alisa Wolfson, one expert believes that the continued shortage in the supply of homes will be a factor in the continued rise in home prices. Another opinion, with regards to rising mortgage rates, indicates that almost 30% of purchases are cash transactions, so rates don’t affect these buyers, so demand will continue to be high. Further, experts believe that, even buyers that need to secure a mortgage have a sense of urgency to purchase a home. These buyers may readjust their budget based on the increased rates, but will continue to search for and purchase homes.

It would appear that many experts agree, the data and trends support the belief that the real estate market will continue to see high demand and, therefore, rising home prices. The rise may cool off a bit but its highly unlikely prices will see drastic decreases.

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