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What Do Experts Predict for the 2021 Housing Market?

As the new year rolled in, many have reflected on a year of unexpected and historic events and how they impacted many aspects of the lives of Americans. The real estate market had its share of ups and downs as Americans adjusted to new realities of shutdowns, spending more time at home, and mortgage rates that continue to remain exceptionally low. It leaves many real estate professionals and American homeowners and would-be home owners trying to predict what 2021 could possibly have in store for them.

In a piece published by Norada Real Estate Investments, written by Marco Santarelli, many questions for the future of the market in 2021 are posed and explanations and predictions are provided. The article addresses questions Americans might have about a potential affordability crisis, if the value of homes will continue to rise, what the trends in new home construction might be and whether or not a housing market crash is predicted in 2021.

Santarelli indicates, “While we still face economic and health challenges ahead, it is no doubt that the nation will continue to recover from this pandemic and an improving economy will continue to prop up the housing market competition. Industry experts believe the housing market will remain strong and is set to break more records in 2021.” He describes how it continues to be a seller’s market and a continued rise in home prices could lead to affordability issues.

To add, some experts, such as Zillow Economic Research, predict that home values will, in fact, continue to increase. Some predictions call for a 3.6% increase over the next three months and appreciate of home value by up to 10% through the end of 2021.

As the demands for houses continues to outpace the availability, new home construction attempts to fill the gap. However, according to the article, “Land and material availability and a persistent skilled labor shortage will continue to place upward pressure on construction costs resulting in limited housing supply.”

Read the entire article for more predictions for 2021.


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