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House Hunting Stress and Anxiety on the Rise

The idea of buying a new home is exciting as buyers begin to dream and envision themselves in the home of their dreams, beginning a new chapter of their lives. However, the current state of the real estate market is causing some prospective homeowners to feel less excited, and more overwhelmed and stressed. The process of scouring listings, trying to outbid other buyers while watching prices and rates rise is creating anxiety in some buyers.

In a recent article published by, reporter Aly J. Yale states, “Andrea Anderson Polk, a licensed professional counselor in Northern Virginia, has even seen health issues arise due to housing stress. Her clients have experienced sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, chronic fatigue and more. Relationship problems are a common theme too.”

The article goes on to details ways homeowners can adjust their thinking and prepare for the process of searching for a home in order to make it less stressful. For example, its suggested buyers set realistic expectations about the process to avoid disappointment or frustration. Additionally, deciding to work with a good agent will help reduce stress because the agent can set expectations and guide the buyer through the process. Among one of the most important suggestions, buyers should pay attention to their mental health. A therapist quoted in the article suggests, “Monitor your current mindset throughout the day and identify negative thinking patterns by avoiding ‘what if’ statements and imagining worst-case scenarios”.

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