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Good News on Horizon for First Time Home Buyers?

For the past several months, the news about the U.S. Housing market has repeated a very similar message month after month- high demand and low supply is driving up home prices. In fact, the average annual home appreciation rate was recorded at 19.2% in January 2022, a record high increase.

In an article published by, it is stated that the number of mortgage applications recently decreased a bit, most likely in response to an increase in mortgage rates. Nevertheless, it isn’t anticipated that this will result in a significant decrease in demand for houses. Reporter, Will Daniel, states, “After all, in March, active home listings in the U.S. were down roughly 18.6% compared to a year ago. And the U.S housing market is facing a shortage of nearly 6 million new single-family homes.” It will take a bit more time for the housing market to balance out.

However, home buyers should remain optimistic. surveyed prospective home sellers and reported that 64% of these home owners anticipate listing their home for sale within the 2022 calendar year. The survey also might give the first time home buyers, who have largely been priced out of the market, a glimmer of hope. More than half of the homeowners who indicated they would be listing their home plan to list below $500,000, which some may consider “relatively affordable”.

Those waiting for new construction homes may have to continue to be patient. “We’re at the lowest level of inventory on record back at least 23 years,“ according to Redfin’s deputy chief economist Taylor Marr. “So housing starts are not quite making that large of a dent in terms of the inventory shortage just yet.”

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Photo Credit: Tierra Mallorca


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